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Household & Pet

Urine Stain & Odour Remover Large Refill Bottle & Urine Detector

Urine Stain & Odour Remover Large Refill Bottle & Urine Detector

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5 Litres

👋 Say goodbye to urine smells & stains with urineFREE Household & Pet and Urine Stain Detector.

🌟 urineFREE is a powerful probiotic urine remover. It contains enzymes AND live (but friendly) bacteria that break down the source of pet urine stains and odours. 
The sources of urine odours and stains are often difficult to locate. Many urine stains are invisible to the naked eye, yet certainly not to the nose. urineFREE Urine Detector solves this problem. Using powerful LED ultraviolet light technology, the pocket size torch will fluoresce dried urine in a darkened room, making it easy to finds urine you can't see.

🧽 urineFREE will permanently remove urine from carpets, upholstery, fabric, wooden floors, cement, tiles and grout, porcelain, mattresses and other surfaces!

⚡ Our universal urine cleaner & detector combo comes packaged with the Large 5L Refill Bottle and Urine Detector. Great for larger problem areas such as the bathroom or carpeted areas! Product can be applied using a garden pump spray or buy it with our battery sprayer. For smaller areas or touch ups, simply refill your 750ml bottle with combination trigger sprayer to avoid waste: use the spray setting for hard surfaces or the stream setting for carpet and upholstered surfaces.

Boxed with a secure cap for leak-free transit.

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Probiotic magic

It works

Unlike other products only masking the smell with fragrances or surface cleaning agents, urineFREE contains a bacteria that eats up the main culprit: uric acid crystals.

Non-toxic powers

Formulated with non-toxic & eco-friendly ingredients only, our water-based products are not only safe to use around your family & pets,they also respect our planet and are septic tank safe.

Long term results

Because urineFREE actually removes the uric acid crystals instead of masking them, you won’t need to reapply it to maintain results (unless new stains have happened).

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urineFREE FAQs

Our probiotic urine stain and odour remover is different than enzymatic urine removers. These only contain enzymes, they do not contain live bacteria (our secret weapon). urineFREE contains both. Enzymes alone only really do half the job, whereas bacteria are smart enough to keep working until all uric acid crystals (the source of the smell) are gone.

For detailed instructions on when and how to use urineFREE, read the How to use page.

The 5L Bottle is ready-to-use, and perfect for touch ups, larger problem areas or frequent applications. Product can be applied using a garden pump spray or the urineFREE battery sprayer to avoid wrist fatigue for large areas (see our product pack).

urineFREE Household and Pet is a urine odour and stain remover that can be used on most surfaces around the house.

Soft surfaces like carpets & rugs, upholstery, car seats, synthetic grass< and fabrics like leather & suede, outdoor fabrics and clothing.

Hard surfaces including timber floors; porcelain and glazed surfaces; porous surfaces such as ceramic, marble and concrete.

Some surfaces, like leather, wool blends and precious fabrics, require spot testing before using urineFREE as a urine remover. We recommend using a non-toxic fabric protector like protectME, our sister company, to stainproof your home from future stains.

urineFREE permanently removes all urine odours, whether dog urine, cat urine, other pet urine and household accidents. For outdoor use, we recommend using our Artificial Grass Cleaner and BackyardFRESH range.

Our urine detector detects urine crystals from any source, pet or human. Dry urine’s crystalline structure will fluoresce in a dark room under the powerful LED light. Using our detector allows you to find and remove invisible urine stains and treat 100% of the affected area, which is often an issue when treating urine stains.

Start with the base of your toilet bowl to see what urine deposits looks like under the urine detector. Darken bathroom as much as possible. Even if apparently clean, stains will always appear under the LED light because regulars cleaners do not remove crystals.
Once familiar with the stain appearance, thoroughly inspect the suspected areas.

urineFREE contains a mild fragrance to provide immediate relief from urine odours whilst the Bio-Enzymatic formula works to break down and consume the uric acid (source of odour).

If you are sensitive to fragrances, please use our Fragrance Free range.

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