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urineFREE & BackyardFRESH

Household & Pet

In & Out Medium Pack

In & Out Medium Pack

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2 x 750ml + 2 Litres

👋 Say goodbye to urine smells & stains with the In & Out Medium Household & Pet pack.

🌟 urineFREE is a powerful probiotic urine remover. It contains enzymes AND live (but friendly) bacteria that break down the source of pet urine stains and odours. 
BackyardFRESH is a high-performance odour control solution for pet and outside odours that linger in your backyard and outdoor areas.

🧽 urineFREE will permanently remove urine from carpets, upholstery, fabric, wooden floors, cement, tiles and grout, porcelain, mattresses and other surfaces! Whilst BackyardFRESH is ideal for pet accidents on pet beds, litter boxes, outdoor furniture, garbage bins, animal enclosures and more.

⚡ Our In & Out urine and odour remover comes packaged with
1 x 2 Litre urineFREE & 2 x 750ml BackyardFRESH. Great for repeat applications, greater coverage or simply saving more money, the In & Out Medium Pack is the perfect combination of our urine remover (urineFREE) and odour control solution (backyardFRESH) for removing multiple urine stains and odours in your artificial turf! Product can be applied using a garden pump spray or buy it with our battery sprayer. Boxed with a secure cap for leak-free transit. 

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Probiotic magic

It works

Unlike other products only masking the smell with fragrances or surface cleaning agents, urineFREE contains a bacteria that eats up the main culprit: uric acid crystals.

Non-toxic powers

Formulated with non-toxic & eco-friendly ingredients only, our water-based products are not only safe to use around your family & pets,they also respect our planet and are septic tank safe.

Long term results

Because urineFREE actually removes the uric acid crystals instead of masking them, you won’t need to reapply it to maintain results (unless new stains have happened).

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urineFREE FAQs

Our probiotic urine stain and odour remover is different than enzymatic urine removers. These only contain enzymes, they do not contain live bacteria (our secret weapon). urineFREE contains both. Enzymes alone only really do half the job, whereas bacteria are smart enough to keep working until all uric acid crystals (the source of the smell) are gone.

BackyardFRESH is not a urine remover like the urineFREE range. It is an odour eliminator and whilst it is long lasting, the urine odour will return if the urine deposit has not been removed. BackyardFRESH can be used to provide temporary relief in between urineFREE treatments to reduce your ongoing maintenance costs.

When it comes to treating urine odours in your backyard, permanently removing urine deposits on these areas on a continuous basis can be a costly exercise! It is not always necessary to make sure the urine deposit is removed because many pets will frequently visit their favourite spot.

That’s why BackyardFRESH is a great, cost effective product to use in conjunction with the urineFREE range when treating urine odours outside on commonly used areas. BackyardFRESH will give you long lasting relief, not only of urine odours but other pet & outside odours at a great price.

We recommend urineFREE (Household and Pet or Artificial Grass Cleaner) outside when treating urine odours & stains on balconies, wood work or garden furniture and anywhere you want to permanently remove the urine odour & stain for good. We recommend urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner on synthetic grass.

For detailed instructions on when and how to use urineFREE, read the How to use page.

The 2L bottle is ready-to-use, and perfect for larger problem areas or frequent applications. Product can be applied using a garden pump spray or the urineFREE battery sprayer to avoid wrist fatigue for large areas (see our product pack).

We recommend using a combination of urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner for urine removal treatments, and BackyardFRESH touch ups in between. This is a cost effective way of managing ongoing urine deposits in your synthetic grass area.

urineFREE & backyardFRESH contains no harsh or toxic ingredients, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It’s safe to use around humans, animals, and plants. It is cruelty free and vegan. Our products never contain harsh chemicals such as Hydrogen Peroxide or Isopropanol. Some of these are present in traditional urine removers and odour counteractants and are highly toxic. No parabens, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine, alcohol or dyes are used in our formulations.

For more information, please ask us for our Safety Data Sheet.

BackyardFRESH does contain fragrance as an odour counteract.

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