moving house with pets without stress

Stress free moving for the entire family

Change is as good as a holiday and there aren't many changes bigger than moving house. But unfortunately moving often results in feeling like you need a mental health vacation. Packing and unpacking boxes, cleaning and adjusting to new surroundings, sometimes a new routine, moving can be a stressful time on everyone, our pets included. Moving house doesn’t have to live up to its painful reputation. Follow our simple guide and make this change a smooth and enjoyable transition for the whole family, furry friends included!


Top tips for stress-free moving

  • Ask a friend to look after your pets, or book a kennel on moving day to reduce anxiety and ensure they are out of the way of movers
  • Get your pets space ready BEFORE they arrive at their new home. Have a familiar smell like a blanket, food and water ready for their arrival.
  • Try to keep your usual routine for walk and meals times as normal as possible for the first week.
  • Spend time with your dog outside so they get used to their new surroundings. Marking a new “territory” is a natural reaction to a change in surroundings. urineFREE pet enzymatic cleaner will help neutralize dog urine smell on grass and keep the space fresh for the rest of the family.
  • Keep cats inside for the first 2 weeks to help them settle into their new home. If your cat is normally an outside dweller you may need to place additional litter boxes around your home.
  • Like dogs, cats spray to mark their territory, they find their own smell appealing and will be drawn to the same spot if its not cleaned. urineFREE cat urine cleaner eliminates urine odours, causing your cat to lose interest in that area and encourages litter box use
  • Don’t forget to update address details on your pet tags and microchip details prior to moving day.


Pet urine cleaner to the rescue

Rome wasn't built in a day and we shouldn't expect perfect behaviour from our pets the second we pick up our new keys. Accidents may still happen which will call for a urine stain remover. urineFREE is an all in one urine stains and smell remover that works on all surfaces of your home. Carpets, hardwood floors and mattresses can all be rescued with urineFREE. Rather than just masking the smell of urine, tackle the problem once and for all. urineFREE is an enzymatic pet cleaner containing a bacteria that “eats up” the urine acid crystals. Non-toxic and eco-friendly urineFREE spray won’t harm your pets or children.

urineFREE permanently eliminates all urine stains and odours, but if cleaning pet urine stains are still causing you stress why not add an extra layer of protection? We recommend using protectME fabric protection spray on your fabrics to help repel urine and make clean up easier.


Starting a different life chapter with your pets in a new home should be an exciting time for all. urineFREE keeps your stress at bay, leaving you free to enjoy settling into your new routines. For more great tips on how urineFREE can help you and your pets live your best life follow us on Facebook!

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