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Pets & car trips: a urine free guide


Does your pet turn into a scratching, peeing furry monster the second you reach for your car keys? Some pets are keen and enjoyable journey companions, whereas others just weren't built to travel. That's why we’ve come up with a simple guide (only involving a few food bribes) to help get your pet comfortable around the car. Whether it’s a quick trip down to the shops or a long haul road trip, these easy tips will keep your pets travel anxiety at bay.

Top tips for enjoyable car trips

  • Got a new puppy or kitten? Get them used to riding in the car and in a pet carrier from an early age. Try sitting your pet in a parked car and rewarding them with treats.
  • Got a longer trip coming up? It’s time to burn off some energy. Take your dog for a walk before setting off and encourage bathroom use. Take the kids along too!
  • Longer journey with kitty? A larger cat carrier that can fit a few toys, water and a litter tray will make the trip more comfortable. Using urineFREE cat urine cleaner will neutralise the smell of cat spray and keep your car smelling fresh.
  • Allocated seats? A loose pet is a danger to you and itself, use a pet carrier or a harness that can be attached to a seat belt to keep your pet comfortably restrained. Have a blanket or toy that's familiar to them in their area.
  • Protect your car seats with an eco-friendly fabric protector like protectME before you jump in the car. This will make removing pet urine stains from car much easier if any little accidents happen mid trip.

Pet urine cleaner: an easy solution to slip-ups

Most great adventures don’t stick to the itinerary. As much as you try to avoid it, sometimes your pet may take an unplanned bathroom break. Dog just peed in the car? Never scold your pet for accidents or you will never get them back in the car. Keep calm with the knowledge that an enzymatic pet urine cleaner is a quick and easy solution! urineFREE pet urine cleaner ‘eats’ up the uric crystals and removes pet urine smell from your car.

Such a wonder product must be full of chemicals right? Wrong. urineFREE is non-toxic, contains only vegan friendly ingredients plus no animal testing. A dog urine cleaner you and your furry friend can feel good about.

Getting your pet to enjoy riding in the car can open up a whole new world of adventures for you. With the right training (and eco-friendly urine cleaner for those small slip ups) riding in the car will no longer be just for those dreaded vet trips. Want to know more about how urineFREE makes cleaning up after your pet quick and easy? Head over to our help centre!


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