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Pet proofing your caravan holiday

Taking a caravan trip, either long haul or just a weekender, is a huge bucket list item for many people. When the time comes to set off, what do you do with your pets? Leaving your pet in a kennel is not only costly but tugs on your heart strings as well. But if your furry friend comes along for the journey, how do you keep the van pet friendly and fresh? Don’t stress, we have the answers for you.


Caravaning with pets: comfort and cleaning

The two biggest hurdles when traveling with pets are:

  1. Keeping your pet comfortable and safe
  2. Keeping the van fresh

Organisation is the key to happy campers. Write check lists of all the things you pet will need for the trip:

  • Favourite foods
  • Toys
  • Medicine and grooming gear
  • Pooper scooper
  • Leash

Consider buying a playpen for your pet. Lightweight and easy to pack away, a play pen allows your pet can be outside with the family but not restrained. Always respect caravan parks rules and have a list of pet friendly campsites handy. We love the breakdown of each park done by ‘Dogs on Holiday.’

To pet proof your caravan we recommend using protectME fabric protection spray on your upholstery, mattress and curtains. Pets can get over stimulated from all the new sights and smells of travel and this will protect your van from any hyperactivity.

Neutralising pet odour in the caravan can be challenging and nothing brings on “let's stay in a hotel tonight” faster than musty pet smell. Open up the windows and doors to allow fresh air in at each stop. Essential oils make great natural air fresheners. Non-toxic pet friendly scents include lavender and frankincense.


Non-toxic pet urine remover: a trip essential!

Being away from home can confuse even the most matured toilet trained pets and accidents can happen. Pet just peed in your caravan? Keep calm, the clean up has never been easier. Simply spray the affected area with our enzymatic urine cleaner for pets. urineFREE won’t just mask the smell, the bio-enzymatic formula is designed to eat up the uric crystals and remove pet urine stains and smells for good. Our pet urine stain remover is safe to use on many different surfaces including mattresses, cushions, leather and the floor of your new playpen.

Found a great spot and you're considering staying a while? Check out our backyardFRESH range. BackyardFRESH is not a urine remover but it does eliminate pet odour. It's the perfect cost effective product to keep your campsite fresh. Simply spray around your pets favoured spots to remove pet odour from grass.

A furry companion makes any trip that much more special. With urineFREE pet urine remover, it's a breeze keeping the van fresh, just relax and enjoy the trip. Want more tips about how urine remover is the easiest way to a fresh home? Check out our Help centre.

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