Non-Toxic Urine Odour Remover for Childcare

Non-Toxic Urine Odour Remover for Childcare

Child care professionals across Australia are often faced with little urine puddles to remove. Whether it is on a mattress where a child takes their afternoon nap, a carpet or floor or even a miss in the bathroom, urine stains and urine odours can be a constant issue in many childcare centres.

Urine stained mattresses, floors, upholstery and surfaces can often still have remnants of urine even after treating with a standard cleaning product. Often the urine odour lingers and items need to be replaced to ensure hygiene standards are met.

With strict government hygiene rules and even greater parental standards, finding a cost effective and successful solution is now no longer a problem with urineFREE. Our professional grade all-in-one urine stain and odour remover will help you to manage this ongoing issue for everyone’s benefit.


Safe to use around children & babies

urineFREE is a safe, water based and mild to use urine remover that contains no harsh or toxic ingredients such as bleach, unlike some other products on the market.

Its bio-enzymatic formulation is eco friendly and septic tank safe, so it won’t hurt our planet either. Bonus point: it’s vegan and cruelty free too.

So using urineFREE around children and babies is completely safe.


Regular detergents are ineffective

Most general cleaners including chemical cleaners & homemade recipes simply contain a surface cleaning agent that temporarily masks the urine smell by removing the water soluble components of urine. However they leave behind the non-soluble uric acid crystals that retain the urine stain and the long-term odour.

It is these crystals that attached to surfaces and are very difficult to dislodge, potentially providing a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms.


How to remove urine in childcare centres

The best way to remove urine stains depends on whether the stain is new or old, if urine deposits have accumulated over time, and the nature of the surface you need to treat. For example, removing urine from a mattress isn’t the same as removing it from glazed tiled floors in bathrooms.
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