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Life with adult incontinence made a little easier

Over 5 million Australian adults are affected by some form of adult incontinence and bedwetting. Whether it’s a physical complication, side effect from having surgery or taking some medications, adult incontinence shouldn't be a dark cloud of anxiety hanging over your head. Cleaning urine from a mattress is made easier with enzymatic all in one urine cleaner. Read on and let us show you how to minimise the impact of incontinence on your life.


Adult incontinence: What causes it?

Adult incontinence impacts many and you should never be embarrassed to seek help or advice.

Causes of incontinence and bedwetting include:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth can weaken bladder muscles.
  • Damage to the pelvic floor muscles and nervous can cause an overactive bladder; a frequent and sudden urge to use the bathroom, often not quite making it.
  • Mental and physical conditions, like dementia or arthritis, can prevent you from getting to the bathroom in time.
  • Different types of medications can irritate your bladder.


Adult bedwetting & solutions to help at bed time

Waking up to urine on the mattress can be embarrassing and uncomfortable so bedtime often causes the most anxiety in sufferers. In today's age there are a number of cost effective and accessible solutions to help ease anxiety and help everyone sleep easier.

  • Sleep pads are thin and comfortable to sleep on. They absorb moisture and will prevent having to remove urine stains from mattress.
  • Absorbent slip pants - available from most grocery stores or online and coming in a large range of sizes, incontinence underpants are a cost effective and discreet way of preventing urine on a mattress if you have any nighttime leaks. We love the Australian brand Modibodi underwear and their incontinence line.
  • Kegel or pelvic floor muscle exercises can be very effective, particularly for women who have given birth, in helping strengthen the muscles and prevent bladder leaks.
  • Limiting liquid intake before bedtime can help reduce the frequency of needing to get up during the night. If you’re having trouble waking up to get to the bathroom, try setting bathroom alarms.

We always recommend you seek professional advice before trying any extreme new practices or medical treatments for incontinence.


How to clean urine from a mattress: Sometimes accidents happen

No matter how much precaution you take sometimes accidents do happen. If you or someone in your care wakes up to a wet bed, you need an all-in-one enzymatic urine cleaner. urineFREE is a non-toxic urine smell and stain remover. Simply saturate the affected area of the mattress and allow to dry completely. Unlike other cleaners, urineFREE won’t just mask the smell with perfumes, the enzymes within the cleaner ‘eat’ the uric crystals and remove urine smell and stain from the mattress completely.


We recommend protecting your mattress with protectME non-toxic fabric spray as an additional layer of stain defence.

Whether you personally suffer from adult incontinence or are a carer for someone who does, urineFREE can help minimise the impact it has on your everyday life. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with other great ways urineFREE can help out around your home.


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