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Keeping your yard fresh with guinea pigs

Guinea pigs make a great first pet for children of all ages. These cute little balls of fur are hardy and require less maintenance than cats or dogs, making them ideal for teaching the responsibility of pet care to kids. Guinea pigs are social animals, but a herd (or muddle) of guinea pigs sure can leave your backyard in a state. Don’t decide that a goldfish would be an easier option just yet. Keeping your backyard fresh and an enjoyable environment for family and pets is as easy as following our simple guide!

Guinea pigs & family-friendly yard

As we mentioned earlier, guinea pigs are fairly low maintenance pets, that’s low, not zero maintenance. To keep your furry friend happy it’ll need a few home necessities. Guinea pigs do love company so it’s best to keep them in at least pairs. We recommend you desex your pets before they move in together to avoid suddenly raising more than you signed up for.

Although guinea pigs are quite small, they require a large enclosure with plenty of access to fresh grass. Guinea pigs are natural grazers and will happily spend the day munching away. Keep an eye on their supply and move the cage around as needed. Being a small animal they also feel best with a safe space for them to hide in with some form of bedding. Avoid using straw for their bedding as it will remain wet with urine, causing unwanted smells from your pets home. If you notice their bedding and enclosure is starting to get a little funky, it’s a problem easily solved with non-toxic pet urine remover.


How to remove pet urine smell from your lawn

Changing the location and layout of your guinea pigs home not only keeps them entertained, but also provides a great opportunity for you to do a little freshen up on the lawn. The best product for removing guinea pig odour from your backyard is an enzymatic one. The enzymatic properties of urineFREE pet urine remover for lawn ensure that after just one application, guinea pig urine odour and stains are removed for good!

Doing a larger area of your yard? Our battery operated pack makes quick work of large surfaces and helps avoid wrist fatigue. Don’t worry, urineFREE is completely harmless to both your lawn and your family. Non-toxic and biodegradable it’s also septic tank safe.

Constantly removing pet urine from your lawn can become a costly activity, so why not check out our backyardFRESH product range. backyardFRESH is a pet urine odour remover so it’s perfect for keeping your lawn fresh between urineFREE applications.

Guinea pigs can provide endless joy for your family. They are undeniably cute and easy to take care of thanks to urineFREE pet urine remover. Want more information on keeping your home fresh with pets? Follow us on Instagram for more great tips and solutions!

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