Bathroom urine stain smell remover

How to remove old urine stains on porcelain & glazed surfaces?

Porcelain and glazed surfaces can be found in a few areas around the house, such as (glazed tiles) bathrooms and toilets (porcelain toilet bowl). Porous grouting surrounding these is also to be considered when removing urine stains.

All of these materials are subject to long-term build-up of uric acid crystals. Please note we recommend a different course of action for new stains.

urineFREE can eliminate the urine smell and the source by “eating up” the uric acid crystals, leaving you with a sparkling clean, odour-free bathroom.

  1. Use a urineFREE Urine Detector to find dried urine affected areas, typically around the lower areas, rear and base of the toilet bowl and extending outwards across the floor.
  2. Spray affected areas liberally with urineFREE.
  3. Allow to dry and remove residue with a damp cloth.
  4. Re-inspect with a urineFREE Urine Detector and repeat steps 2 and 3 until all traces are gone. Two or three applications are generally sufficient.


Remove any other product previously applied before using urineFREE

If you have used another chemical or detergent based product to try to remove the urine before using urineFREE, these chemicals and detergents may have removed the water soluble urea and urochrome components of urine but will likely have no impact on the non-soluble uric acid crystals which embed themselves into the carpet fibres and are difficult to dislodge.

These chemicals and detergents also coat or encapsulate the uric acid crystals making it difficult for urineFREE to penetrate. We therefore recommended that all other chemical and detergent based products are removed to maximise the effectiveness and results with urineFREE.

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